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Parents Corner

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LCFH Policies


Coach Evaluation

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LCFHHA Board of Directors

Announcement letter and nomination form:

LCFH Bylaws

Amended 10/14/2015

USA hockey registration link

CONCUSSION MCDC REQUIREMENTS all coaches and players must complete

The new Michigan Sports Concussion Law, including MAHA and USAH requirements, requires FHHA to implement this before we can sponsor or operate an athletic activity in which youth athletes will participate after 6/30/2013.  We are required to document and maintain receipt of educational materials of Coaches, Youth Athletes and their Parents.
All coaches and assistant coaches, any on ice helpers or off ice trainers have to complete Coach Specific training about Concussions to comply with new Michigan Sports Concussion Laws.
PLAYERS/PARENTS: (Parents and Players required information)
Michigan Sports Concussion Law and support information,4612,7-132-54783_63943-,00.html (please visit website for information and law)
Athletes Fact Sheet (give to all players) (Read and keep as reference)
Parents Fact Sheet (give to all parents) (Read and keep as reference)
MAHA/USAH Requirements:
Participant Written Statement  (print off, sign and turn in to manager)
Excerpt from Michigan Public Health Code 333.9156 (Read and keep as reference)
USA Hockey Concussion Mgt Program (Read and keep as reference)
For Players to be on the ice, FHHA needs to have the signed MAHA/USAH Participant Written Statement in our possession. 

Penalty calls and referee signals

Hockey Basics

Hockey Lingo

Full Ice Hockey Equipment needed (Roller hockey equipment is not permitted by MAHA)   

 Click here for an equipment pictorial


And, another good source of eqip for young players is:   PLAY IT AGAIN SPORTS is located on Novi rd. around 10 mile.  

  Timbits Minor Hockey and Play It Again Sports of Novi would like to welcome you! Play It Again Sports has a Youth Hockey Gear Package Special for only $98.99. Packages include gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, pants, shin guards and bag. Come in to Play It Again Sports today and start saving! Our experienced staff can help you fit your new hockey player for safety and fun.

CDC concussion info for patents
USA hockey parent intro brochure

USA hockey parent-coach pamphlet 

USA hockey membership brochure

USA hockey cross-ice information

Energy drink information

NBC Learn - Science of Hockey Video clips

NBC Learn has created some excellent "Science of Hockey" video segments teaching many of the elements of science and math.  They have been showing on the NHL channel recently.

NBC Learn has been very gracious, and has allowed us to stream them on our website.

I hope that you and your player take the time to watch these.  They are entertaining and informative, and will hopefully make studying science real and fun -- anything having to do with hockey is fun!!  

If you are a teacher, you should check their website out as they have a full range of topics:

Thank you to NBC Learn for allowing us to share them with you, and thank you to Mark Miano who is the Executive Editor of NBC Learn, Mike Levin also produced  the "Science of Hockey" videos with the NHL and NSF.  And thanks to Michael Levin for help on getting them posted on our website!

Hockey Geometry


Work, Energy Power


Science of NHL Hockey: Vectors

Science of NHL Hockey: Reflexes & Reaction Time

Science of NHL Hockey: Kinematics

Science of NHL Hockey: Force, Impulse & Collisions

Science of NHL Hockey: Projectile Motion

Science of NHL Hockey: Mass, Volume & Density


Science of NHL Hockey: Statistics & Averages